QHSE Commitment and Quality Policy


The Quality Management System (QMS) of CSC has been organized to  support and satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 as shown on the following figure.

The Quality Policy Document describes CSC’s commitment towards quality, customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

Our Mission

” To be an organization, which is the first choice of customers as well as of the employees. Contributor on the development of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To give all staff equal opportunity to learn and develop their carriers.”

QHSE  Quality Policy 

CSC has a fundamental commitment to ensure that all customers receive the highest quality service complying with their agreed requirements on statutory/local regulations and specifications requirements in all respects including safe work environment. To achieve this objective of our continued commitment to excellence, we have established & reviewed functional measurable quality objectives, and will maintain an efficient and effective quality management system that meets the requirements of  ISO 9001:2008. Quality policy is communicated and understood to all the employees and will be reviewed for continuing suitability.



QM Plans, Work Methods, Operational Policies and Forms add details of specific tasks within the Procedures Manual and are utilized to ensure satisfactory and consistent work performance.

Why Us ?

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